Week 2

by ntravaglini

Millennials are a huge and lucrative market.  They have buying power, are tech savvy, and come ready with an informed decision.  They have grown up in the digital and information age.  Information has become exponentially available and expected by the millennial generation. The way we target this group has changed.  No longer do I lust after the latest product shown in that TV commercial.  I have a DVR and Netflix, my daughter and I don’t really see a lot of ads on TV. The only time I listen to a commercial is when I switch songs on Pandora while driving.

What new digital format have you noticed yourself being targeted by advertisers?

The millennials are always connected and that gives more opportunity to reach them.  The format has changed but the message is the same, “buy me!”   I believe in the near future we will all be using the cloud to store our information and physical hard drives are obsolete.  You already let marketers target you through your “likes” on facebook, if you are a “Belieber” and have his mp3’s in your cloud you could be sent an offer for discount tickets when he comes to your city.

Would you be willing to let companies use the information stored in your cloud to customize marketing offers for you?